An overview of the London Bike Share usage from 2015 and 2017; the important factors and what it would mean for the future.


London Bike Share, (or more popularly known as Boris Bikes or Santander Bikes²) is a younger icon of London. It was launched on 30th July 2010³ and we have just celebrated its 10th birthday. …

As GoCardless grows 🌱, it is becoming increasingly more important for teams to have access to the right data to make business decisions in a scalable way. In 2021, we the Business Intelligence (BI) team have kicked off a series of initiatives aimed at Improving Data Literacy at GoCardless, where the team is evolving our focus from building solid data foundations to delivering last-mile analytics and empowering 🌟 teams across the company to take their self-serve capacity to the next level. ⏫

At GoCardless we aim to be data driven. We want every GeeCee to be able to create great…

Build a proof of concept for the ability to automatically execute High-Low strategy on crypto exchanges, leveraging machine learning models.

Photo by M. B. M. on Unsplash


could the money be spent on something better? Who am I to judge…

Historically, projects of this nature can only be done in a research facility with access to a bloomberg…


Finding answers from data is like a treasure hunt, where the treasure is less important than the hunt. (ps. a keen traveller and an even bigger foodie!!)

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